2016 - 09 - 26

Funds sought for further maintenance of Radziwill mausoleum in Nesvizh

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During a bilateral meeting between Lithuania and Belarus held at the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture, it was decided to make an application for further funding dedicated to the maintenance of the Radziwill family crypt at Nesvizh Church. An application for the funding under the EU Cross-Border Cooperation Programme will be submitted by Kėdainiai Regional Museum and its Belarusian partners. 


The meeting was attended by representatives of the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Interior of the Republic of Lithuania, Kėdainiai municipality, Vilnius University as well as of the Belarusian Ministry of Culture, Nesvizh Executive Committee and Nesvizh Museum. The Department of Cultural Heritage held the meeting seeking continuity for the joint Lithuanian-Belarusian project “Research on the Mausoleum of Noblemen Radziwill of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the vaults of Nesvizh Church and Concept of Adaptation thereof for Visitors”. As part of the project, anthropological research and polychromatic surveys on the burials at the crypt were launched and the architectural development of the crypt was established. Lithuanian experts hold joint training sessions and undertake joint works sharing their best practice during the project.


“The Radziwill family crypt at Nesvizh is a unique cultural heritage site, one of the largest mausoleums dedicated to a single family across the entire Europe.  This important heirloom from the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania is a chronicle of life and burials of the Catholic Radziwill family.  The crypt must be protected against damp that is destroying the remains and the site itself. Thus, further funding is needed”, ─ underlined Diana Varnaitė, the Director of the Department of Cultural Heritage. 


Photo by R.E.Šutinytė

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